Crock Pot Asian BBQ Chicken Wings

It’s been really hot in Switzerland lately, which means BBQ weather!  As I don’t have a BBQ grill, I decided to do the next best thing–and dusted off zee ‘ol slow cooker to make some Asian-style BBQ chicken wings.  I love the concept of crock pot cooking.  Just plop in all the ingredients before work, set it and forget it, and then come home to a nice, hot meal.  😀   Continue reading


Slow Cooker Coca Cola Barbecue Chicken

???????????????????????????????Since U.S. Men’s soccer is playing against Germany today, I figured that it would be fitting to do a good ol’ American style meal for dinner.  In comes the Slow Cooker Coca Cola Barbecue Chicken recipe that I found on Pinterest, courtesy of Six Sisters’ Stuff website.  (Oo…  side note:  USA just scored again.  2-0 to Germany.  Yay!)   Continue reading