Run 4 Kids 2013

Got a company T-shirt with an official bib!

Got a company T-shirt with an official bib!

Today I participated in the run4kids 2013, a charity run of the Swiss Finance Forum.  I’d never heard of this organization or this event prior to this, but apparently the Swiss Finance Forum is one of the most important platforms for the financial and IT industry in Switzerland, and they sponsor this run every year.  My friend J- told me some of his team at work was going to run for charity, so I figured I might as well take part, too.  After all, I needed to get some training in for the Swiss City Marathon 5 Mile Run next Sunday anyway, and run4kids is for a good cause, so I might as well join if my company was already sponsoring a team.  Win-win all around, right?

So this morning–despite a miserable night’s sleep–I dragged myself out of bed and made my way down to Rentenwiese park.  It was kind of exciting to check in at the tent and get my personalized bib with race number.  Gosh, my first race bib!  I felt so official.  😉   Continue reading


I’ve gone to the dark side

It’s in the mid 90’s now and sweltering.  Even though I’ve been in Switzerland for about 4 years now, I still switch to Fahrenheit when the temperature gets above 3°C.  All I can tell is that when the temperature is about 0°C, then it’s freezing.  Literally.  Probably snowing.  If it’s below 0°C, then it’s damn cold.  I remember snowboarding during -21°C weather in Davos last winter.  That was REALLY DAMN COLD.  (But what an experience though!)   Continue reading

Time to get a tan!

I just ate my last frozen cupcake from the cupcake decorating class.  Yep, I didn’t even wait for it to defrost…  just mauled that baby while it was still rock hard, savoring the decadent sweetness of the dense frosting and the chewy cake between my lips and tongue…  tearing off chunks with my razor-sharp teeth, swallowing bite after bite.  Mmm…

I had made a sorry attempt to freeze all my baked treats in an effort not to eat everything all at once, but sometimes I just can’t help myself and dive into the freezer to help myself to a succulent bad boy.   Continue reading

NRJ Radio is awesome!

Last Friday, my friend T- invited me to the Heineken UEFA Champions League Final party in Zürich Hauptbahnhof (Zurich Central Station) because she won free tickets.  Honestly, I’m not that into soccer and I’m not that into Heineken either, but hey–it was free and I hadn’t seen T- in a while, so I was down to hanging out.  The party itself was okay.  Lots of green Heineken logos and other product placement everywhere, and of course we got ourselves some Heine beer to drink while listening to the DJ pound out his beats.   Continue reading

How to survive in Zurich (and how not to make dinner)

I just spent the better part of this afternoon struggling through my German homework.  It’s pretty sad;  I had to look up practically every word, and then it still didn’t make any sense, so I had to type in whole phrases verbatim into Google Translate to see if it could work wonders.  All this heartache and headache for a fill-in-the-blank one-pager.  Yes, my German is that pathetic.  😦

I had wanted to get some exercise this afternoon in my first attempt to slim down for the bridesmaid dress, but by the time I finished doing my homework, it was already past 7 pm, so I decided to make dinner instead.  Yes…  gasp!  I actually attempted to cook today.   Continue reading

Friday night blues

I’m depressed.  It’s Friday evening, the weather outside is crappy, and I don’t have any plans.  Times like this, I really feel all alone.  Normally, I don’t mind during the week, as I’m busy working and don’t have time to do much after work except grab some dinner, take a shower, and go to bed.

But on Fridays when I hear about Continue reading

Springtime in Zürich

I didn’t have anything else going on today, so I was going to join some friends for the housing expo.  I’ve already established that I can’t afford to buy anything in Zürich at the moment, but I was hoping to tag along and learn what the current housing market is like.  Since the weather’s beautiful today, I decided to enjoy the sunshine and walk down to the Kongresshaus.   Continue reading