Vegetarian pork sung sushi (素肉鬆壽司)

Vegetarian pork sung sushi (素肉鬆壽司)

Vegetarian pork sung sushi (素肉鬆壽司)

Those that know me know that I like cute things.  Hence, my favorite Swiss word  Schnügel and my favorite Japanese word kawaii (かわいい).  Never mind my favorite Dutch word kansloos…  uh, that’s a whole ‘nother story…

Two weeks ago, I even learned a new variant of the Swiss word–Schnügi–so now I have even more ways to express cutie, cuddly things.  Yay!!  ^.^

So I suddenly got into my brain to make some onigiri, because I’ve seen so many of them in bento boxes out there with cute character faces.  However, a lot of the assembly techniques require specialized tools…  which I can’t readily get in Switzerland.  T_T

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Home-Style Chinese Fried Rice

Freshly cooked fried rice--yummy!

Freshly cooked fried rice–yummy!

I’ve been on a semi-cooking kick throughout Swiss National Day long weekend.  Mostly because I made one dish and had leftovers…  so then I had to doctor it up to finish up the leftover food…  which resulted in another dish.  And then I even took the leftovers from that dish and stretched it out for another meal the following day.  Absolutely awesome.

This also means that I haven’t been eating my usual diet of cold cereal and peanut butter, so I think I’m been packing on the pounds the last few days.  And all the munching on ice cream bars to cool down in the heat probably hasn’t helped either.  :O   Continue reading

A Bite of China

Dinner tonight was a hard-boiled egg, a giant wedge of watermelon, a handful of walnuts, a bunch of cheese, a bowl of fruit and bran flake cereal with soymilk, a spoonful of creamy peanut butter, and a glass of self-brewed luo han guo (羅漢果) tea.  Yeah…  I know it doesn’t sound very appetizing, but it was good sustenance to fuel a couple of rounds of myVEGAS slots and Candy Crush whilst chair-dancing to Energy Zürich and taking a short break to Skype with my mother.

As my very close friends and family know–I can’t cook.  But I sure fool everyone on Facebook with a ton of mouth-watering Pinterest photos, hehehe…  😉   Continue reading

Red Bean Buns (Dousha Bao 豆沙包)

Arghh….  this whole morning has gotten off to a bad start.  First off, I couldn’t sleep, so I crawled out of bed at 8 am…  on a Saturday morning.  So much for trying to sleep in.  >.<  And then my internet was kaput all morning, so I wasn’t even able to get online until the late afternoon.  I tried to occupy myself by cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, which were not the most exciting activities, but I guess they needed to be done at some point anyway.

It’s cold and rainy outside, so I’m kind of hibernated indoors.  Only two days ago, it was sunny and warm.  Last weekend, there was some freak snowfall.  But mid-last week, it was actually very warm and sunny…  like shorts-weather.  And before that, it was cold.  Ah…  just your typical spring weather in Switzerland.   Continue reading