The 4th Dimension

Last week, I was having drinks after work with my friend A-, and I dunno how the topic turned to this, but at one point, I brought up how I once learned that there were 3 ways to love someone:  mental, emotional, and physical.  And of course, while you point these out, there are the requisite accompanying hand gestures pointing to your head, heart, and crotch, respectively.  😛

I forgot where I first heard this, but I think the description is apt.  You DO love with your mind, body, and soul.

But then A- twisted one on me and mentioned that these 3 aspects could also be applied to health…  but with the addition of a 4th dimension:  spirituality.

Hmm…  I’d never thought of that one before.  Interesting.  I pondered that thought for a moment.

But I’m not religious, I told him.  I dunno if I consider myself spiritual.  What does that even mean, anyway?  A- mentioned that he’s not deeply religious either, but he IS spiritual.  
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Howdy folks, I’m baaack!

Howdy folks, I’m baaack! Yup, after two months of falling off the blogging bandwagon, I’m finally ready to write again. I was getting worried that I was turning into one of those bloggers that started off strong and then fizzled off over time.

So what’s happened in the meantime?  I guess life happened, that’s what.   Continue reading

How to survive in Zurich (and how not to make dinner)

I just spent the better part of this afternoon struggling through my German homework.  It’s pretty sad;  I had to look up practically every word, and then it still didn’t make any sense, so I had to type in whole phrases verbatim into Google Translate to see if it could work wonders.  All this heartache and headache for a fill-in-the-blank one-pager.  Yes, my German is that pathetic.  😦

I had wanted to get some exercise this afternoon in my first attempt to slim down for the bridesmaid dress, but by the time I finished doing my homework, it was already past 7 pm, so I decided to make dinner instead.  Yes…  gasp!  I actually attempted to cook today.   Continue reading

Friday night blues

I’m depressed.  It’s Friday evening, the weather outside is crappy, and I don’t have any plans.  Times like this, I really feel all alone.  Normally, I don’t mind during the week, as I’m busy working and don’t have time to do much after work except grab some dinner, take a shower, and go to bed.

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Springtime in Zürich

I didn’t have anything else going on today, so I was going to join some friends for the housing expo.  I’ve already established that I can’t afford to buy anything in Zürich at the moment, but I was hoping to tag along and learn what the current housing market is like.  Since the weather’s beautiful today, I decided to enjoy the sunshine and walk down to the Kongresshaus.   Continue reading