Bopomofo or Zhuyin Fuhao (注音符號)

I know a little bit of Spanish.  Just a wee little bit.  Enough to be dangerous.  Un poquito.  Muy poquito.

It really gets me in trouble, because after the initial Hola that spontaneously comes out (I’m from So Cal, after all :P), the opposite party usually gets all excited and starts sputtering out a bunch of Spanish to me.  J- started doing that today, and I was dutifully copying and pasting each line into Google Translate, trying to figure out what the heck he was saying. Continue reading

Traditional Taiwanese breakfast

Let’s start our day with lots of dough, sugar and deep-fried carbs…

Oo… what a nice post about traditional Taiwanese breakfast.  YUM!


Let’s start our day with lots of dough, sugar and deep-fried carbs…

Breakfast on the street

In Taiwan, breakfast is often sold by street vendors who set up their stalls in the morning to serve commuters on their way to work. These vendors often specialize on one breakfast dish, e.g., some would only sell sticky rice rolls (however, in many different varieties), others would sell dumplings, while another vendor might sell egg pancakes uniquely.

Breakfast shops

Another traditional way to have breakfast in Taiwan is to go to one of the typical breakfast shops (“zao can dian”). They are not only opened in the morning, but sometimes also the whole day, some of them even 24/7.

So what is served for breakfast?

Fried dough sticks (“You tiao”)

A long stick consisting of a deeply fried mix of flour and baking powder. You can have it plain, as an ingredient of sticky…

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