Americans are so nice

“Americans are so nice,” my mother said while Skyping with me on Saturday.  She was telling me how her car broke down, and she wanted me to write a blog post about it so she could send her friends the link instead of telling them the story herself.

That didn’t make any sense…  my mother is in California, I am in Switzerland.  And it’s HER story, not mine.  And she was telling me the story in Chinese and I was only half-paying attention so I’m not even sure I got all the facts right.  And something might get lost in translation between Chinese and English.  I told her to write it herself in Chinese, but she remarked that she couldn’t write well and it was too complicated to type Chinese characters on the computer.

So…  as the dutiful daughter, I have resigned to writing this post.  媽媽, this post is for you.   Continue reading