Red Bean Braided Bread

The loaf looked a bit dark from the egg wash.

The loaf got a bit dark from the egg wash but still looked very pretty.

After a glorious weekend, the weather’s now cold and rainy again.  I suppose this is how everything stays so lush and green in Switzerland.  I hate walking in the city in my work shoes when it’s raining.  My feet get soaked within 10 minutes.  I better remember to wear my boots to work tomorrow.

When the weather is cold outside and I’m tired, I tend to hole up indoors and just stuff my face with food.  I just polished off half a box of cereal while surfing the web, and that was AFTER dinner.  Crunchy foods are just so addicting…  :/   Continue reading


Red Bean Buns (Dousha Bao 豆沙包)

Arghh….  this whole morning has gotten off to a bad start.  First off, I couldn’t sleep, so I crawled out of bed at 8 am…  on a Saturday morning.  So much for trying to sleep in.  >.<  And then my internet was kaput all morning, so I wasn’t even able to get online until the late afternoon.  I tried to occupy myself by cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, which were not the most exciting activities, but I guess they needed to be done at some point anyway.

It’s cold and rainy outside, so I’m kind of hibernated indoors.  Only two days ago, it was sunny and warm.  Last weekend, there was some freak snowfall.  But mid-last week, it was actually very warm and sunny…  like shorts-weather.  And before that, it was cold.  Ah…  just your typical spring weather in Switzerland.   Continue reading