Vegetarian pork sung sushi (素肉鬆壽司)

Vegetarian pork sung sushi (素肉鬆壽司)

Vegetarian pork sung sushi (素肉鬆壽司)

Those that know me know that I like cute things.  Hence, my favorite Swiss word  Schnügel and my favorite Japanese word kawaii (かわいい).  Never mind my favorite Dutch word kansloos…  uh, that’s a whole ‘nother story…

Two weeks ago, I even learned a new variant of the Swiss word–Schnügi–so now I have even more ways to express cutie, cuddly things.  Yay!!  ^.^

So I suddenly got into my brain to make some onigiri, because I’ve seen so many of them in bento boxes out there with cute character faces.  However, a lot of the assembly techniques require specialized tools…  which I can’t readily get in Switzerland.  T_T

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Mushroom Risotto

Mushroom Risotto

Mushroom Risotto

I am a very lucky girl.  Last Wednesday, my friend A- came over to cook me dinner…  from scratch.  :O  As a person who only pretends to cook and doesn’t really know what the hell I’m doing in the kitchen most of the time, I was utterly amazed and appreciative of this thoughtful gesture.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t aware of this until last Tuesday night after my trial German lesson ended at 9 pm.  I had texted A- to figure out the plan for dinner the next day (thinking we would be going elsewhere)…  but then  A- kindly informed me that he would go shopping for whatever he needed to cook and could ring my doorbell…  if I would be at home and tell him my street number…  and then let him in.   Continue reading

Home-Style Chinese Fried Rice

Freshly cooked fried rice--yummy!

Freshly cooked fried rice–yummy!

I’ve been on a semi-cooking kick throughout Swiss National Day long weekend.  Mostly because I made one dish and had leftovers…  so then I had to doctor it up to finish up the leftover food…  which resulted in another dish.  And then I even took the leftovers from that dish and stretched it out for another meal the following day.  Absolutely awesome.

This also means that I haven’t been eating my usual diet of cold cereal and peanut butter, so I think I’m been packing on the pounds the last few days.  And all the munching on ice cream bars to cool down in the heat probably hasn’t helped either.  :O   Continue reading