Swiss City Marathon 5 Mile Run


My race bib!

Well, I finally did it!  Today I ran my first (and probably last) 5 Mile Run at the Swiss City Marathon in Lucerne.  As a non-jogger, I am quite proud of having accomplished this feat–from zero to 5 miles–all within the space of a single month.  Let me tell you my story.   Continue reading

The 4th Dimension

Last week, I was having drinks after work with my friend A-, and I dunno how the topic turned to this, but at one point, I brought up how I once learned that there were 3 ways to love someone:  mental, emotional, and physical.  And of course, while you point these out, there are the requisite accompanying hand gestures pointing to your head, heart, and crotch, respectively.  😛

I forgot where I first heard this, but I think the description is apt.  You DO love with your mind, body, and soul.

But then A- twisted one on me and mentioned that these 3 aspects could also be applied to health…  but with the addition of a 4th dimension:  spirituality.

Hmm…  I’d never thought of that one before.  Interesting.  I pondered that thought for a moment.

But I’m not religious, I told him.  I dunno if I consider myself spiritual.  What does that even mean, anyway?  A- mentioned that he’s not deeply religious either, but he IS spiritual.  
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Run 4 Kids 2013

Got a company T-shirt with an official bib!

Got a company T-shirt with an official bib!

Today I participated in the run4kids 2013, a charity run of the Swiss Finance Forum.  I’d never heard of this organization or this event prior to this, but apparently the Swiss Finance Forum is one of the most important platforms for the financial and IT industry in Switzerland, and they sponsor this run every year.  My friend J- told me some of his team at work was going to run for charity, so I figured I might as well take part, too.  After all, I needed to get some training in for the Swiss City Marathon 5 Mile Run next Sunday anyway, and run4kids is for a good cause, so I might as well join if my company was already sponsoring a team.  Win-win all around, right?

So this morning–despite a miserable night’s sleep–I dragged myself out of bed and made my way down to Rentenwiese park.  It was kind of exciting to check in at the tent and get my personalized bib with race number.  Gosh, my first race bib!  I felt so official.  😉   Continue reading

I quit the 30 Day Ab Challenge

It rained this morning, so it’s slightly getting cooler.  I don’t know how to dress for this weather.  It was only about 60 degrees, so I put on a pair of jeans and a long-sleeved T-shirt to go to H&M to look for a bridesmaid dress.  Turns out the green retro dress was very poorly made and not wearable, so we had to go with another option.  Still not confirmed as the final option yet, but I found a purple satin wrap dress online at H&M that might be passable as a bridesmaid dress, so I went to check it out.   Continue reading

New Goal: 30 Day Ab Challenge

Warm weather has finally arrived in Zürich, and I’m starting to go out with friends again.  But after all the drinks and dinners, I’ve pretty much lost all the progress I made with the 30 Day Squat Challenge, and my weight and waistline is slowly creeping up again.  I can’t help it;  I just love food too much.

I was going to let it all slide, given that I’m older now and have learned to embrace my more womanly body…  but there is nothing like hanging out with girlfriends to make one suddenly self-conscious about one’s figure.  😛

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30 Day Squat Challenge – Mission Complete!

Yesterday was the last day of my 30 Day Squat Challenge!  Hip, hip, hooray!  🙂

I’m very proud of this mini achievement.  Hopefully it’s the first of many small accomplishments to come.  I’ve always been one of those people who makes grand plans and then gives up after one or two days out of lack of motivation and/or sheer laziness, so this is an achievement for me.   Continue reading

The secret to working out is… cool music!

I was feeling bad-ass a bit earlier, but now I’m just feeling sick and tired.  Perhaps it was a bit too much.  Ugh…  I don’t feel well.  I wonder if it was something I ate.  Is it possible to get a sudden onslaught of delayed exhaustion?

Anyway, I rode on the exercise bike for one entire hour today!  Was so proud of myself, as I can’t even recall the last time I did this.  I was going to write a post about cool exercise music as workout motivation, but I think I need to cut this short and get myself to bed early.   Continue reading

30 Day Squat Challenge – Midpoint Status

I’ve put in long days at work lately, and I’m really tired and head-achy   Have lately taken to eating spoonfuls of Nutella from the jar to get my sugar fix.  But I digress.  This post is supposed to be all about my midpoint status.  Exactly 15 days ago, I decided to embark on the 30 Day Squat Challenge.

It’s been tough, but I’ve managed to stick with it for all 15 days.  I’ve worked it into my schedule by waking up an hour earlier each day to get the requisite squats in.  But that means I’ve cut back on sleep, and it’s started to get really difficult lately to wake up in a daze and try to do the squats at the crack of dawn while still half-asleep.  Continue reading

30 Day Squat Challenge

I used to have a naturally perky butt.  As a kid, I hated it when the protruding bubble extended behind my red leotard during gymnastics class.  I used to try to tuck in my tailbone in a futile attempt to decrease the offending hump.

As a teenager in the early ’90s, I was never able to wear a tube skirt because there was always too much of a gap between my gluteus maximus and upper thigh.  Now before you start conjuring up crazy images of who-knows-what, I need to specify that I was really skinny as a kid.  The rest of me was a flat stick with chopstick legs.  And I wasn’t athletic at all.  It’s a mystery where the random lump came from. Continue reading