The International Comedy Club

The International Comedy ClubWoot, woot, I finally went to my first Funny Laundry show this past Friday!  Of course, they’ve now changed names to The International Comedy Club, but still…

I first heard about this gig via English Forum a couple of years ago.  At the time, I was mildly curious but never actually got around to going because:

  1. I wasn’t sure about my tolerance for British comedy (ya know, it’s still not the same as American humor),
  2. I was a bit cheap back in day (still not quite over the sticker shock of moving to Switzerland), and
  3. I wasn’t sure who to go with (I wasn’t brave enough to attend on my own).

So I put this thought on the back burner and promptly forgot about it.   Continue reading


Eddie Izzard FORCE MAJEURE at Hallenstadion

Eddie Izzard FORCE MAJEURE at Hallenstadion Zürich

Last Saturday, I went to my first comedy show since moving to Switzerland:  Eddie Izzard FORCE MAJEURE.  I had no idea who he was, so I was a bit iffy at first, but my friend said her friends really liked him…  even though she’d never heard of him herself.  A quick internet search revealed that he was on Who’s Line is It Anyway?  and I remember that show being really cool.  But then I saw some another clip of him wearing a ton of makeup and a dress, speaking in incomprehensible French…  so I was having my doubts.  But the opportunity to see my first show at Hallenstadion Zürich finally won out at the end, so I said I was in.   Continue reading