Bopomofo or Zhuyin Fuhao (注音符號)

I know a little bit of Spanish.  Just a wee little bit.  Enough to be dangerous.  Un poquito.  Muy poquito.

It really gets me in trouble, because after the initial Hola that spontaneously comes out (I’m from So Cal, after all :P), the opposite party usually gets all excited and starts sputtering out a bunch of Spanish to me.  J- started doing that today, and I was dutifully copying and pasting each line into Google Translate, trying to figure out what the heck he was saying. Continue reading

Make awesome music with Incredibox!

I’ve been feeling kind of blah lately, so I decided to have a low-key chill night by munching on homemade brownies and dry cereal while catching up on my Yelp reviews.  (And yes, I did eat a healthy salad loaded with beans and cheese and fatty creamy dressing beforehand, so I did have a “proper” dinner before my munchies.)

But then my friend E- sent me this link:   Continue reading

Home-Style Chinese Fried Rice

Freshly cooked fried rice--yummy!

Freshly cooked fried rice–yummy!

I’ve been on a semi-cooking kick throughout Swiss National Day long weekend.  Mostly because I made one dish and had leftovers…  so then I had to doctor it up to finish up the leftover food…  which resulted in another dish.  And then I even took the leftovers from that dish and stretched it out for another meal the following day.  Absolutely awesome.

This also means that I haven’t been eating my usual diet of cold cereal and peanut butter, so I think I’m been packing on the pounds the last few days.  And all the munching on ice cream bars to cool down in the heat probably hasn’t helped either.  :O   Continue reading

Blueberry, Watermelon and Walnut Salad

Light and refreshing–and so pretty to eat! 😀

I have a ton of walnuts at home.  I bought them in a fit of inspiration, thinking I would bake chocolate walnut brownies by the bucket load.  Even after making a double batch for my birthday and eating brownies for breakfast, as mid-day snacks, and after-meal desserts, I figured making more brownies probably wasn’t the answer if I wanted to maintain my figure for bikini season.   Continue reading

Crock Pot Asian BBQ Chicken Wings

It’s been really hot in Switzerland lately, which means BBQ weather!  As I don’t have a BBQ grill, I decided to do the next best thing–and dusted off zee ‘ol slow cooker to make some Asian-style BBQ chicken wings.  I love the concept of crock pot cooking.  Just plop in all the ingredients before work, set it and forget it, and then come home to a nice, hot meal.  😀   Continue reading