Run 4 Kids 2013

Got a company T-shirt with an official bib!

Got a company T-shirt with an official bib!

Today I participated in the run4kids 2013, a charity run of the Swiss Finance Forum.  I’d never heard of this organization or this event prior to this, but apparently the Swiss Finance Forum is one of the most important platforms for the financial and IT industry in Switzerland, and they sponsor this run every year.  My friend J- told me some of his team at work was going to run for charity, so I figured I might as well take part, too.  After all, I needed to get some training in for the Swiss City Marathon 5 Mile Run next Sunday anyway, and run4kids is for a good cause, so I might as well join if my company was already sponsoring a team.  Win-win all around, right?

So this morning–despite a miserable night’s sleep–I dragged myself out of bed and made my way down to Rentenwiese park.  It was kind of exciting to check in at the tent and get my personalized bib with race number.  Gosh, my first race bib!  I felt so official.  😉  

On the way to the starting point, I ran into S-, one of my former coworkers.  She was running with her new company, too!  Cool to see another familiar face.  I first met S- in 2008 when I joined this company, and despite moving onto new jobs over the years, we’ve still kept in touch.

I managed to keep pace with S- for the first couple of rounds, but then I was fading fast.  I forgot to mention that S- is Swiss, so she was “taking it easy” during this run on Sunday…  while I was kind of running for my life.  :O

We took a break at the fruit and water station, where I ran into some of my other coworkers.  The apple and banana slices and cups of Rivella (both red and blue) and water were a welcome respite, as I wiped the streams of sweat pouring down my face.  Ughh…  are we even halfway through yet?  Nope.  Arghh…

So then it was time to continue on.  I let S- run ahead with another one of her coworkers while I jogged next to J-, who joined me at a slightly slower pace.  OMG, I’m tired.  My legs are starting to get sore.  I dunno how we’re going to do this next Sunday in Lucerne.  Aren’t your knees hurting?  Shall we stop?  Yeah, I started whining already.

Thankfully, J- ignored all my complaints and kept pace, so I was forced to continue without stopping.  Come on, it’s for the kids! he kept telling me.  But we don’t have any kids! I exclaimed.  Haha…

We managed to get through most of the 2-hour run at a continuous slow jog.  We did take a few more rest breaks, while some guy from TV Unterstrass kept trying to get us to join their running club.  I still don’t know what this TV Unterstrass is, but they sure had a persistent salesman that was hanging out by the break station, collecting our used cups.

They handed out a goody bag with loot at the end of the run

They handed out a goody bag with loot at the end of the run

Towards the end, J- had to stop running and switch to walking, because he had so much pain in his legs.  My legs were also very sore, so I was glad to slow down to a walk, too.  It was actually quite good to slow down a bit, because then we were able to jog a bit more at the end to finish up the event.

All in all, according to my CardioTrainer app, I had run for 1 hour and 44 minutes for a distance of 8.75 miles (14 km).  Average speed of 5 miles per hour (8.1 km/hr).  This was the longest I’ve ever run in my life, and it was EXHAUSTING.  In fact, I was supposed to clean my apartment this afternoon, but I’m still sitting around at home eating sweets and chillaxing to Placebo‘s latest album, because I’m still so tired and my legs are really sore.  Even though the run had finished over 5 hours ago.

After the run, I ate a grilled bratwurst with bread and washed it down with peach iced tea.  J- pulled out a milk chocolate hazelnut bar–which I gladly consumed most of–and then I ate even more candy, feeling like I needed sugar to compensate for the tiredness.  I think my calories consumed kind of offset any caloric burn from the running.  :O

Looking back upon today, I’m glad I participated, as it was for a good cause, and I got to hang out with friends and coworkers while getting some exercise.  However, I think it was a bit too much exercise for my taste.

Since I started running 2.5 weeks ago, I’ve been really excited as my weight’s been dropping and my belly’s been getting flatter.  I thought if I keep this up, then I could get a super-hot body!  😉

So then I thought I could become superwoman and train for the half marathon at the Zurich Marató de Barcelona next March.  Or even run in the 37th Zurich Silvesterlauf on December 15th.

But now I’m not so sure.  I think 1 hour is my limit for exercise.  Any more than that, and I’m tired and sore.  And hurting.  Forget about being superwoman.  Forget about trying to get a super-hot body.  Maybe I just run periodically for exercise in the future but not kill myself trying to run any races.  It’s not worth the pain.  And the extra munchies.  I think when I exercise, I tend to get even hungrier, so I end up eating more and more.  And I’m not reaching for the healthy stuff, as it’s not as satisfying.

Well, let’s see.  Never say never…  but I’m somewhat inclined NOT to become a hard-core runner.  Don’t want to cause any injuries, and I’m not sure it’s really my cup of tea.

S- texted me after the event and asked if I still wanted to apply for the half marathon in Barcelona, and I said no way.  I do like the health benefits of regular cardiovascular exercise though, so perhaps I should see if there is anything else that is a good alternative to running?  Dunno.


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