Make awesome music with Incredibox!

I’ve been feeling kind of blah lately, so I decided to have a low-key chill night by munching on homemade brownies and dry cereal while catching up on my Yelp reviews.  (And yes, I did eat a healthy salad loaded with beans and cheese and fatty creamy dressing beforehand, so I did have a “proper” dinner before my munchies.)

But then my friend E- sent me this link:  

So I put my Energy Radio music on pause and checked it out.  Ok…  there is a weird little cartoon of a half-naked man…  and he’s not even cute.  😦  Some weird colored symbols on the bottom…  and underneath those, the words “Effects”, “Beats”, “Melodies”, “Chorus”, “Voices”…  What is this?

And then I dragged one of the little symbols onto the naked man.  And he started beat-boxing.  With clothes on.

And another man appeared next to him.  Dragged another symbol onto the new guy.  And then he started singing, too.  With a different outfit.

And then another guy appeared.  And so on and so forth.


They limit you to seven guys though.  I guess that have to do that, or else it would be an unintelligible cacophony with too many guys going off at the same time.

You can go into shuffle mode for preset rhythms, or you can stay in manual mode to create your own masterpiece.  And once you are happy with your results, you can record, share, and download your own Incredibox composition.

This is so friggin’ cute.  I wonder who came up with this?  It kind of looks like the roots are French, but they have an English version of the website.  What a cute idea!

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