I’ve gone to the dark side

It’s in the mid 90’s now and sweltering.  Even though I’ve been in Switzerland for about 4 years now, I still switch to Fahrenheit when the temperature gets above 3°C.  All I can tell is that when the temperature is about 0°C, then it’s freezing.  Literally.  Probably snowing.  If it’s below 0°C, then it’s damn cold.  I remember snowboarding during -21°C weather in Davos last winter.  That was REALLY DAMN COLD.  (But what an experience though!)  

Anyway, as the temperature warms up in Switzerland, I have no idea if it’s light jacket weather or T-shirt and short weather just by looking at the temperature in Celsius.  My friend M- (who is from Northern California but has also lived in Switzerland the last few years) said that she just looks at the temperature in Fahrenheit, so I gave up converting a few years ago and just switched over to Fahrenheit in the warmer months.  Sure makes life a lot easier.

Anyway, whether you say 95°F or 35°C, the result is still the same.  It’s HOT.  And humid.  We’re all dying in little puddles of sweat despite showering several times a day.  :O

So what do I do in all this glorious weather?  Well, I’ve been working on my tan at Seebad Enge with my friend E- and have already transformed my paper-white skin into the shade of raw almonds in the matter of two weeks.  Still got a bit to go before I become the color of peanut butter and caramel, but if this weather keeps up, then it should be a cinch.  😉

I also started gaming again on Facebook.  Heavily.  Doh!  My friend B- is claiming credit for taking me to the dark side, but what he doesn’t know is that I had in me all along, but he just triggered a relapse.  So I guess I could give him a bit of credit for tipping me over the edge.

My latest obsession is myVEGAS slots.  I actually never would have started except for the fact that he told me that you can get REAL comps in Vegas by playing this game!  So of course I started it last week to see what I could get.  Unfortunately, I don’t think I qualify for anything except for a slice of pizza at the moment, but I guess if I keep on playing, maybe I could get something decent by the time I actually go to Vegas again.  The coolest prize I’ve seen is picking your own Bellagio fountain song.

But anyway, this game is hard-core.  There are private fan clubs with people sharing tips and tricks.  I signed up for one recommended by B- and am now filled with chip count and playing the optimal game (Reel Chef) and hand (play 100) for my level (26) to rack in the most loyalty points.  And I’m doing 25 auto-spins at time to just churn through it.

It actually kind of takes the fun out of playing the game.  I kind of enjoyed just flopping about in the early stages, playing whatever recklessly (I mean, it’s not real money anyway) and listening to all the music and piercing bells and whistles just like you hear in a real casino.  Even though I was losing chip count rapidly.

But now there is a method to my madness, so let’s see how much I can play strategically and level up.  And remember Candy Crush?  Yep, I finally passed level 56–the good ‘ol fashioned way–by just playing…  and playing…  and playing…  I didn’t even use the double chocolate ball crush or any special boosters to do it.  I just made a bunch of ball combos until all the jelly was cleared.

So I guess I won’t delete the game.  And now I’m stuck on level 62.  😛

I actually figured out a technique to play myVEGAS slots on my laptop while multi-tasking and playing Candy Crush on my tablet simultaneously.  And then I found a tip that when my lives kaput on the tablet, I can switch over to the laptop and play Candy Crush with full lives!

AMAZING.  Devastating.  My life is spiraling downward into the mind-numbing abyss of Facebook games.  And I keep getting notifications with Farmville requests (which I am currently ignoring).  I thought I deleted that game long ago.  Why do I keep getting Farmville notifications?  Let’s see if I can hold out playing that one again.

So now my routine is to play the slots (since my chips don’t run out anymore), Candy Crush in between until my lives run out, and stream NRJ Radio in another window simultaneously.  I really like Energy Zürich, as they play a lot of hits in both English and German (and some in Spanish!), and I even get to practice listening to bits of news feeds in Swiss German between songs.  Today I’m listening to commentary on the Ironman that’s going on in Zürich.

So life is good.  Despite the heat and stickiness.  I am a bit worried about my obsessive behavior playing Candy Crush…  in bed before I go to sleep…  first thing when I wake up…  while waiting for the tram…  while sitting in the tram…  pretty much whenever I can (except for when I am at work, of course).  But it’s just way too convenient with the Android app.

But it’s summer!  So let’s live, love, eat!  And play Facebook games.  😛

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