Finally got on the Candy Crush bandwagon

After seeing countless posts from my friends on Facebook for Candy Crush Saga, I finally got on the bandwagon and installed the game last Monday so I could check out what the madness was all about.  It’s remarkable how widespread this game is.  Even my 67-year-old mother has heard of the game.  :O  

It was a bit difficult to decide whether to start playing this game, because I’ve had terrible addictions in the past to computer games.  From games like Minesweeper and Spider Solitaire back in the day…  to Mahjong Tiles on MSN…  and then to Mafia Wars and Farmville when I got on Facebook…  and finally The Sims 3 last year…  I’ve been guilty of whiling away countless, mind-numbing hours spent hunched over my keyboard, staring at the computer screen until my eyes were bloodshot red.

But–in the name of research <ahem>–I decided to start playing Candy Crush to see for myself what the heck was going on here.  My friends, family, coworkers…  it seemed like EVERYBODY was playing Candy Crush!  Why??

My mother happened to be visiting me in Switzerland when I made this decision, and after I explained what I was doing, she peered over my shoulder while I played my first game, curious about what the game looked like.  “Hey, this looks just like that other game!”  she exclaimed (in Chinese, of course).  Yeah, she was absolutely right.  The “other game” she was referring to was Bejeweled, another one of those games that I could play for hours on end.

Hmm…  I was pretty good at Bejeweled back in the day.  All you have to do is to match color combos of the little balls in 3 or more, right?  I guess I could pick up Candy Crush immediately and hit the ground running.

My first impression was that the graphics were quite cute.  Catchy music and sound effects, cutie cartoony candies everywhere, and a little story line that wove through a colorful candy land…  what’s not to like?  Plus, I could compare my scores and check my progress with my Facebook friends who were also playing the game.

I was also able to download the game on my HTC One smart phone and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, so it was also really convenient to play Candy Crush away from my computer.  The ease and speed of the playing the game on the hand-held devices were remarkable.  All the better to fuel my addiction, I guess.

My Bejeweled skills helped me breeze through the first couple levels and lands, but there were a couple of weird twists that I wasn’t used to in this new game.  Some levels gave you free Boosters, and I didn’t really read carefully on how to use them, so I think I wasted a couple of them, not knowing what they were supposed to do.

Nevertheless, I still managed to play the game okay, and it gave me something to do while waiting for and riding public transportation in Switzerland.  (I’d already given up doing Busuu lessons on my smartphone long ago, as the German lessons at the B1 level were starting to get too difficult.)

I like how you only have 5 lives and need to wait a certain amount of time to get them back.  This prevents too much long-term playing, so then I can shut off and do something else while my lives regenerate.  You can also ask friends to send you lives, but I try not to spam my friends too much, as they are already getting spammed for the more important stuff, like when I need their help to unlock a level.  😛

But now I’m stuck on level 56.  Ironically, I can see my brother’s icon also hovering next to that level, so I guess he’s also stopped at the same place.  I played several lives on this level and can’t seem to master it, so perhaps this is a good place to quit playing Candy Crush and call it a day.  For good.

But of course, thanks to the internet, I found a tips page on what to do.  Looks like all I need to do is to combine two chocolate balls to clear all the locked candy and all the chocolate on the lower half.  Hmm…  obviously I’ve never used a two chocolate ball combo before.

But I think I should stop here and try to stop the computer game addiction now.  I’ve played consistently for one entire week, and perhaps it’s time to focus on more important things in life.  Still not quite ready to uninstall all the games yet (just in case I need to play a bit more ;)), but let’s see if I can sit on this and not play anymore.  But it’s such an easy thing to do while riding Swiss trains…


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