Six Degrees of Separation – Part Deux

It’s 11 pm and my eyes are burning.  I think it’s time to pound out this blog post and get myself to bed.  The Yelp reviews will have to wait until tomorrow.  😛

This past Monday, I wrote a post on the Six Degrees of Separation.  At the time, I wanted to share a commercial directed by my brother’s wife’s brother, but I wasn’t sure if I could, due to any privacy issues or whatnot.  But now I have permission to share, so here it is–a lovely Longines commercial with Hong Kong singer/dancer/actor Aaron Kwok, directed by Jimmy Lu and Sharon Yeung.

(Click here to view the commercial.)

Pretty nice, eh?  I especially like the inspiring movie music overlaid throughout the clip.  I’d never heard of Longines before this and actually had to look it up on the internet to discover that it’s actually a Swiss luxury brand.  Oops.

I guess I’m not really in the market for luxury watches, so it’s not really my fault that I’m not familiar with this brand.  Still, it’s a bit embarrassing, since I actually live in Switzerland now and don’t really know what’s next door.  :O

Anyway, that’s it for now.  I trekked to IKEA Dietlikon this afternoon by train, bus, and foot, so I’m a bit exhausted and can’t keep my eyes open.  So I’m signing off now, and as one of the managers at work says, hasta la pasta.  😛  Good niiight!


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