New Goal: 30 Day Ab Challenge

Warm weather has finally arrived in Zürich, and I’m starting to go out with friends again.  But after all the drinks and dinners, I’ve pretty much lost all the progress I made with the 30 Day Squat Challenge, and my weight and waistline is slowly creeping up again.  I can’t help it;  I just love food too much.

I was going to let it all slide, given that I’m older now and have learned to embrace my more womanly body…  but there is nothing like hanging out with girlfriends to make one suddenly self-conscious about one’s figure.  😛

Last Friday I decided to celebrate the warm weather by showing off my ghastly white legs in a new black skirt that I just bought the previous week.  “Oh, have you been working out?  Your legs look quite muscular,” my friend said to me as we met up for dinner.  Grr…  I didn’t really like that statement, as I took it to mean that I look THICK.  😦

I really don’t like how I have a naturally thicker build, which looks gigantic among my teeny-tiny European friends here.  The two girls I was having dinner with are about 5 feet tall and perhaps 100 pounds soaking wet, so I was feeling like the Incredible Hulk standing next to them.  I still downed my entire salami pizza and glass of Amarone wine though, because it was simply so yummy. I noticed that my two friends left some food on their plates (which could probably be the trick to staying slim), but I pretty much never manage to do that because I love to eat too much.

Anyway, thanks to a lovely comment left on my blog by a Mr. Stuart Cookney last Thursday, I now have a link to tons of 30 day challenges.  Awesome.  Thanks a bunch, Stu!

So I browsed the website to look for something suitable that might give me a more svelte figure without bulking up. I’ve already given up weight training and doing squats precisely for that reason. Despite what everyone says about women not being able to put on muscle, I have found from personal experience that I DO bulk up. Perhaps it’s because I eat so much, so all the nutrition turns to muscle. Or maybe it’s because I’m of Asian descent and have a slightly smaller bone structure than other races, so any tiny amount of muscle gain shows up more prominently.

The joke my family used to use when explaining why my relatives in the U.S. were always so much bigger and taller than our Taiwanese counterparts was to say, “It’s the American cheese.”  And now I’m fueling my body with the Swiss cheese on top of the American cheese…  so it’s no wonder I look so…  “healthy”.  LOL.

In any event, I’ve decided to embark on a new 30 day challenge, but this time, for my abs. Let’s see if this will flatten my tummy to squeeze into a smaller size bridesmaid dress for my friend’s wedding in August.

So I started the 30 Day Ab Challenge yesterday and hope to see some amazing results by day 30. Here’s the breakdown of the program:


The first two days have been tough. I’m not used to doing situps. I really don’t know how I’m going to finish this challenge without dying. Just doing the situps alone in my zombie half-awake state in the morning is a struggle.

I don’t know how I’m going to do all the exercises in a reasonable amount of time before work each morning. Perhaps I’ll need to separate the exercises into multiple sessions to get it all in. Hopefully that’s okay, as long as they are all done in the same day.

Well, wish me luck, folks! This one’s going to be a toughie, but let’s see if I can pull through. And this time I’ll try to remember to track my weight and waist measurements daily to see if there is any significant change.

5 thoughts on “New Goal: 30 Day Ab Challenge

  1. I’m going to give this a shot too. One day a week on the ab machine at the gym isn’t cutting it for me, but this sounds like it should definitely help. I don’t know how you can do this kind of a workout as soon as you wake up. But, maybe that’s just me channeling my inner night owl… 😛

    • Oh, cool. Let’s see if you get some nice results. But I think it’s always easier for guys.

      I’m on Day 4 now and haven’t seen any results yet. It’s going okay so far, except that the situps are taking forever without any ankle support. I think that part’s going to be my biggest challenge.

      • Yeah, I think it will definitely help get my abs in shape. I thought my abs were in ok shape before, but I clearly was wrong :P. The situps are definitely the biggest challenge for me. Looking at the end of the chart, some of those numbers seem a bit scary. It is tougher without the ankle support…

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