NRJ Radio is awesome!

Last Friday, my friend T- invited me to the Heineken UEFA Champions League Final party in Zürich Hauptbahnhof (Zurich Central Station) because she won free tickets.  Honestly, I’m not that into soccer and I’m not that into Heineken either, but hey–it was free and I hadn’t seen T- in a while, so I was down to hanging out.  The party itself was okay.  Lots of green Heineken logos and other product placement everywhere, and of course we got ourselves some Heine beer to drink while listening to the DJ pound out his beats.  

For those that are familiar with Zürich HB, it has really high ceilings, probably to vent the old steam locomotives that used to stop there.  Therefore, it was wide and open and really COLD, especially with the abnormal freezing spring weather we’ve had lately.  Standing around drinking cold beer in my light wool coat at 10:30 pm at night was not really my idea of fun.  I was FREEZING.  At least it wasn’t raining, but that was a small consolation.

T- wanted to take a photo to commemorate our night out, so we approached the guys standing nearest to us and asked one of them to take our picture.  So then we got a-chattin’, and one of the guys mentioned that he worked for Energy.  Hm…  what’s that?  It sounded really familiar, but I couldn’t place where I’d heard it from.  Gosh, three and a half years of living in Zürich, and I still don’t know it all…  ;P

So I went online to check it out afterwards and found…  the coolest radio station!  Energy Radio is awesome!!  Move over KIIS-FM, I’ve found my new love.

I’ve actually completely stopped listening to the radio since I’ve moved to Switzerland–mostly because I don’t own a radio and I don’t have a car anymore.  I used to listen to the radio a lot while driving in L.A., but since I don’t drive in Switzerland, there really isn’t any opportunity to listen to the radio.  And I don’t even know what channels are good here anyway.

But that’s all changed now.

And besides, I’ve been paying the mandatory Billag (TV and radio tax) every month anyway, so I might as well make use of the fees and listen to some radio, eh?

I now know why the name Energy sounded so familiar…  I think it’s what they play in the locker room at my company gym!  Not that I frequent the gym that often, so maybe that’s why the name didn’t ring a bell at first.

But back to the tunes–the online radio station is awesome!!  They have TONS of channels with a bunch of different genres.  Energy Zürich, Energy Bern, Energy Basel, Swiss, German, Electro, a whole channel dedicated to Pink–they have it all.  I found the Dance channel pretty good for working out to on my exercise bike.  The tunes aren’t spastically fast, so I was able to pedal at a steady pace in my semi-tired state today.

After a long day at work chained to my desk, it’s been cool chill-laxing to some groovy tunes on the radio.  Now I’m a happy camper, and I’ve bookmarked this site for future reference.

4 thoughts on “NRJ Radio is awesome!

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