The secret to working out is… cool music!

I was feeling bad-ass a bit earlier, but now I’m just feeling sick and tired.  Perhaps it was a bit too much.  Ugh…  I don’t feel well.  I wonder if it was something I ate.  Is it possible to get a sudden onslaught of delayed exhaustion?

Anyway, I rode on the exercise bike for one entire hour today!  Was so proud of myself, as I can’t even recall the last time I did this.  I was going to write a post about cool exercise music as workout motivation, but I think I need to cut this short and get myself to bed early.  

<Cough, cough.>  Uh-oh.  I really hope I don’t hurl.  What’s going on here??  :/

Anyway, I scoured YouTube and came across this cool soundtrack.  At one hour and 15 minutes, it really pumped me up and kept me going.

It was just music and there wasn’t any video, but that’s fine.  The girls (and the one lone guy) were pretty hot and motivating to look at during my workout.  I like the girl in the middle.  Perhaps I could do some visualization and pedal away to a body like hers.  😉

I really liked the songs on here, and it made me want to get up and dance.  Of course, it’s a bit difficult to dance while pedaling on an exercise bike, so I did the next best thing and bopped around in my seat while waving my arms around and punching the air a bit.  Bonus arm workout.  🙂

Well, I’ve bookmarked this as reference for future workout motivation.  Would be nice to have some other options though, to switch it up a bit.  What else do people listen to?  I’ve never really listened to music before while exercising.  Not that I really exercise regularly, but perhaps with some cool music I can start getting more motivated.  It took me a bit to find this video, so I hope there are some other good ones out there, too.


3 thoughts on “The secret to working out is… cool music!

  1. You can definitely overexert if you aren’t careful. In the past, I’ve gotten a bit wobbly legged (to the point where I had to sit down or I would have fallen over) lifting only moderately heavy weights. If you haven’t done it for a while, then your body just isn’t used to it and it is easy to overexert… That being said, you’ve got to be in pretty good shape if you can ride the exercise bike for over an hour. I’d recommend trying to ease into it a bit more so you aren’t so exhausted afterward. You’re less likely to overexert or be sore and you’re more likely to stick with it. I’m still working my way back into shape after a basketball related injury (DVT), but I think the key is finding some sort of sport/activity that you enjoy doing. For me, the exercise bike, like the treadmill, gets a bit boring after a while. So, music is definitely a good way to break up the monotony. Anything with a good beat seems to work well to keep me distracted while I’m pedaling or running. I don’t have any specific recommendations for music, but you might try a spin class and see if you like it. I bet most of the spin class teachers would have a bunch of music they could recommend…

    • Yeah, I wasn’t even pedaling that hard, but maybe I should ease into it. So I haven’t worked out yesterday or today. Maybe I take a break tomorrow, too. 😉

      • Well, the hard part is readjusting your expectations if you haven’t worked out in a while. You may not have been pedaling hard compared to what you used to do, but it is still a shock to your system if you haven’t done cardio in a while. After being out of basketball for 6 months, I was winded even running at 50-75% effort for the first few weeks. I agree that you’re probably best off easing into it and getting into the routine of doing it regularly. I still say you’ve got to be in pretty good shape if you were able to bike for an hour your first time back in the gym. 😉

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