Friday night blues

I’m depressed.  It’s Friday evening, the weather outside is crappy, and I don’t have any plans.  Times like this, I really feel all alone.  Normally, I don’t mind during the week, as I’m busy working and don’t have time to do much after work except grab some dinner, take a shower, and go to bed.

But on Fridays when I hear about some of my girlfriends dashing off to lovely weekend plans with their significant others…  then it really hits home that I’m all alone and don’t have a hunny bunny to rush off to meet.  Oy vey.  😥

So after I got home from work today, I briefly contemplated:

  1. Exercising
  2. Doing laundry
  3. Going grocery shopping
  4. Cleaning my apartment

But of course, I forego all the above options to go to the kitchen and look for some simple sugars to stuff my face with instead.  Not having any ice cream on hand, I did the next best thing and took out a cupcake from my cupcake decorating class that I had carefully wrapped in plastic and saved in the freezer for grubbing on at a later date.  I happened to take out the one with the pink frosting piped from the dog poo nozzle, too.  How apt.

I had originally set it out on the kitchen counter to defrost, but then I didn’t even bother waiting and decided to munch down the whole thing while it was still frozen.  Ever eaten frozen cake before?  There’s something so deliciously sinful about eating something frozen before it’s ready to be consumed.  It’s not like ice cream cake, which I think has a lot more oil or fat in it to keep it moist while frozen.  It’s just plain ‘ol frozen cake…  kind of like munching on ice and cake at the same time.  I feel so naughty when I do it.  😛

So now infused with a sugary lifeline, I’m ready to settle down and while away my woes in a blog post.  This is awesome;  it’s like writing in a diary, but I can add a bunch of hyperlinks and pretty pictures and get and respond to comments from the public.

Oh shoot–one of my friends just sent me a text message to see if I wanted to go an after work party or to Garufa to dance some salsa tonight.  Damn.  Now I can’t wallow in my misery anymore.  LOL.

I’ve never been to Garufa.  Let’s see what kind of program they have on tonight…  oo, it’s Salsa meets Zouk (Salsa Puerto/Cubana, Zouk and Latino).  Hm…  one of my coworkers is a Zouk dancer, so maybe I should check out the links she sent me to see if this is something I might want to try.

Ok, let’s see…  the first link is of Lambazouk, the “old” Zouk, with their teachers from Amsterdam.  The second one is the more modern Zouk with their teachers from Barcelona.

Hmm…  after viewing the demos for a couple of minutes, I think I prefer the old style more than the modern one.  It seems more elegant and prettier to me.  Plus, the girl isn’t wearing heels, so it looks a lot more comfortable, too.

But either way, I’m not sure if I’m ready or willing to pick up a new style of dancing.  I can barely dance salsa, and I don’t like being in such close contact with strange men, so that kind of hinders the entire dancing-with-a-partner process.

Uh-oh.  Sugar crash.  I have a slight headache and feel tired.  Shall I force myself to go out, or just hide out at home?  I kind of don’t like to do things spontaneously without having planned for them in advance.

Oh–I just got another suggestion to check out a free concert at Kafi für Dich.  Double damn.  How does one expect to wallow in my own misery if I keep getting offers to go out and do something?  😛

Ok…  let’s check out these links…  hmm…  Rykka seems too dark for my taste.  But this Timothy Jaromir appears to have some pleasant Americana tunes that remind me of my happy days listening to country music.  ^.^

But wait.  He’s SWISS?!  What the heck, that just took away all his authenticity.  Doh.

Oh gosh, the Heartlines video that’s posted on his website has such a catchy tune, I can’t even be depressed anymore.  Triple damn.  Haha…

Anyway, I think it’s too late to go catch the concert, and I don’t want to go squeeze with the crowds if I didn’t make a reservation in advance.  But it’s amazing how a simple little thing like music can really brighten my mood.

Oo…  looks like the clouds just parted, and the sun is shining again.  At 8 pm!  :O

I think what’s left of this Friday is slowly but surely picking up.  I guess life in Zurich isn’t so bad after all.  I’m gonna go to the kitchen to get me some milk to celebrate.  🙂

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