Samsung Galaxy Note II vs. Samsung Galaxy S4

It’s finally that time!  My cellphone contract came up for renewal today.  Yippee!  I’ve been eagerly awaiting this day for months, as my current phone has been constantly failing on me and turning off at the most inopportune instances.  Never mind that I probably brought all the woe upon myself by accidentally dropping my phone dozens of times and smashing all its innards to smithereens…  it’s definitely time for an upgrade.  

I’ve had my heart set on the Samsung Galaxy Note II for a while.  With its large screen and accompanying stylus, I thought it would be a convenient tool for my blind eyes to surf the web with and to do my busuu German lessons.

But…  I just noticed that the Samsung Galaxy S4 phone is now out!  :O  Dilemma, dilemma…  which phone to choose??

The Note II is bigger, but the S4 is newer.  And it’s still bigger than my current phone.  I’ve recently reconfirmed that I get severe motion sickness, so I can’t even read much while taking public transportation, or else I feel like throwing up.  So maybe there’s no point getting such a huge screen if I won’t really be utilizing it while on the road.

I found a cool website that compares smartphones, and I even threw in my little HTC Desire in the comparison.  (Hey, that baby was all the rage when it first came out in March 2010…)

Being a relative non-techie noob, I’m not really sure what I’m looking at to compare the two phones.  I suppose the S4 has more green tick marks next to its features than the Note II, so maybe that’s the better choice?  I think it does cost a little bit more, but I suppose it’s worth it for the newer technology?

I’m going to sleep on this for a couple of days and then decide which phone to upgrade to.  Which would you select?


3 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note II vs. Samsung Galaxy S4

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