Springtime in Zürich

I didn’t have anything else going on today, so I was going to join some friends for the housing expo.  I’ve already established that I can’t afford to buy anything in Zürich at the moment, but I was hoping to tag along and learn what the current housing market is like.  Since the weather’s beautiful today, I decided to enjoy the sunshine and walk down to the Kongresshaus.  

Unfortunately, neither of my friends were there when I arrived, so I just circled the booths by myself.  Unable to understand anything in German and not knowing what questions to ask, I eventually gave up and left the expo.  😦

I’m a bit frustrated and sad.  I really love living in Switzerland, but not knowing the local language is starting to take its toll.  I definitely need to improve my German, but I must be very stupid in learning languages or something, because I’m just not picking it up.

I know I’m not applying myself hard enough, but work is really draining, and after wracking my brains on Excel spreadsheets all day long, I really need the downtime in the evenings and on the weekends to recharge my batteries.  The last thing I want to do after a long day at work is to try to learn German.  It gives me such a headache.

The whole thing is a bit of a catch-22.  Working my butt off is what got me to this country and what enables me to stay.  However, it’s the very thing that prohibits me from investing the time and energy to learn the local language to integrate properly.  I really don’t know what I can do to improve my current situation.  I am not superwoman, and I can’t “do it all”.

Until some miracle happens, I just take each day one step at a time and do what I can do without exhausting myself.  I love nature and decided to cheer myself up by taking pictures of flowers while walking home from the expo.  Even though I live in the city, it never ceases to amaze me how lush Zürich is, especially with all the spring flowers in bloom at the moment.

Switzerland really is a beautiful country.  I love the nature, I love the people, I love the food, I love hearing the cadences of the language…  even though I can’t understand much of it.  :O  I love watching how the seasons transition from the gorgeous reds and browns of fall…  to the snowy-white winter wonderland…  to the brilliant flowers in spring…  and to the long, sunny days of summer.  On days like this, I wish I had someone special to share its beauty with.  Sometimes it gets very lonely living in a foreign country by myself.  But I chose this upon myself, so I guess I have to deal with it.

The whole thing is a bit bittersweet though.  I’ve always believed that home is where the heart is.  For me, any place in the world could be home as long as I have a loved one there.  Unfortunately, I don’t really have a loved one at the moment, so I’m a bit lost now.  

Of course, I have some really good friends all over the world, and I have my parents in California and my brother in Massachusetts, but it’s not the same as having a partner that I can come home to every evening.  I have a friend who recently started living on her own for the first time and found the independence refreshing.  I, however, have never functioned quite well by myself, but I suppose now is the time for me to try to live life on my own.

I told my mother earlier this year that this year is MY year–the year of the snake.  I will be 36 this year, and according to the Chinese Zodiac with 12 animal signs, this is my year…  whatever that means.  I suppose a time for transition, endings, or new beginnings?

In any event, no matter what happens, life will go on.  And while I meander through the journey of life, I’ll try to cherish the little things along the way.  So here goes my first attempt at some photo collages of today’s springtime flowers taken with my little point-and-shoot camera, interspersed with some life musings…

7 thoughts on “Springtime in Zürich

    • Thank you! Can you believe that all these photos were just from plants along the side of the street? Zurich really is beautiful in the spring…

  1. Wow, the flora is really impressive and you’re quite the photographer. Anytime I think of Switzerland, I always imagine it in the winter. I’ve never been to Europe, but I can see I need to make it a priority so that I’m not so clueless…

    • Haha… I’m not much of a photographer, but my little camera has this cool macro setting for close-up pics that look really nice. 😉

      Yes, you should definitely check out Europe some time! Switzerland is really pretty in the summer. Lots of yummy ice cream, cheese, chocolate, and cute cows. Let me know if you ever want to drop by to visit, and I can show you around a bit.

  2. One of my buddies was recommending I take a trip to Europe and I want to visit some time soon, as it’s at the top of my list of places I want to see. When you have time, I’d love to pick your brain about where you would recommend I visit. Have you traveled all around Europe or have you mainly stayed in Switzerland? Is summer the best time to visit? It would be great to catch up and have you show me around. 🙂

    • Hi Brian, I’ve also been to Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Ireland, Austria, and Turkey. I guess it depends on what you want to see and do.

      If you like nature, then Switzerland is it. Go to France/Italy for great food. For sunshine and historical places, Italy/Spain/Turkey in the spring/fall is good.

      Check out the About page on my Facebook for a snapshot of where I’ve been, or take a look at my photo albums to see what might intrigue you.

      Summer is always nicer for walking around… but it gets a bit too hot in Spain and Italy and even Paris. And way too crowded with tourists.

      The snow is gorgeous in the winter, but it’s very cold and not as comfortable to be outdoors. I wouldn’t recommend visiting for the first time in winter, unless you’re into winter activities and enjoy holing up indoors with cheese fondue/raclette/mulled wine… which isn’t too bad. 😉 The German-speaking parts are famous for their outdoor xmas markets.

      My first vacation in Europe was one week in March to Rome/Florence/Pisa, and I must say that the Vatican and Uffizi gallery are both outstanding.

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