Zurich’s Yelper of the Week!

Woo-hoo, I’m Zurich’s Yelper of the Week!  What does this mean?  Lots of fame on Talk, Facebook, and Twitter…  but too bad no fortune.  Haha…

You may think I jest about the fame, but let me tell you–yesterday I walked into Kennedy’s Irish Pub for the first time, and the first thing that someone said to me was, “Oh, so YOU’RE the I-Lin.  Spelled I-…”  And he congratulated me for being Yelper of the Week. 

Nevermind that this was the Yelp International Table event, so of course these were fellow Yelpers who were up-to-speed on the latest happenings.  But still–fame and recognition.  🙂

But it is nice to have some sort of validation for my writings.  I mostly just write for myself and for my mother to look at, but it’s always a bonus if other people find it beneficial, too.

I only started writing quite recently–started Yelping in March 2012 and just started blogging this month.  It’s one of those things where I never really thought about it…  but once I decided to get into it, I realized that it’s quite entertaining.  Some of my friends ask, “Why are you doing it if you don’t get paid?”  Simply because I enjoy it.  Plus, I get to keep my English up-to-speed while I live in Switzerland.  And it’s probably better than playing Farmville or Sims 3 for hours on end.  😛

It probably takes a certain type of person who feels compelled to obsessively check in to every place they go to and enjoys taking photos of everything and then writes about it.  But I guess I’m that type of person.  And I’m not the only one out there–there are a LOT of us.  BOOM BOOM BOOM!

The great thing about it is that this actually motivates me to try out more things and check out new places so I can write about them later.  Sometimes it’s easy to get stuck into a routine and not get out of your comfort zone.  The social networking aspect is also great for sharing new ideas and meeting new people–both in person and online.  I know there are some people out there who disagree with me, stating that they would rather keep their privacy.  But for me, it’s an outlet to people I might not otherwise reach–especially to keep in touch as I am so far away from my homeland.  With the power of technology, it helps me feel connected to people who are thousands of miles away.  And sometimes I see new things that I otherwise might not have noticed or thought of on my own.  So if you want to give it a shot, why don’t you try writing, connect to me, and we can share our adventures together.  😀


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